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CLIFTON®️ KIDS - Kid Friendly Umbrella - Clear Umbrella With Pink Border

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The CLIFTON®️ KIDS Birdcage Pink Border Umbrella is a premium quality children's umbrella with child friendly features such as rounded plastic safety-tips and a sturdy plastic handle.

These lightweight kid-friendly umbrellas are super easy for little ones to open due to their "Easy Glide" opening system, and are an all round fun and colourful umbrella designed specifically for young children. 

Featuring a wind resistant frame and a clear transparent birdcage design made from heavy duty PVC. The umbrella opens easily for a young child and takes no effort due to the "Kid-Friendly" patented Easy Glide™ safety runner.

The umbrella shaft is made from steel with a mirror like chrome finish and the frame is made up of 8 flexible fibreglass ribs ensuring things wont break unexpectedly.



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      • "Kid-Friendly" Easy Glide™ safety runner slides up and down effortlessly
      • No pinching parts!
      • Wind Resistant
      • 8 Flexible fibreglass ribs
      • Clear transparent PVC canopy
      • Metal Shaft with chrome finish
      • Rounded plastic safety tips
      • Pink border trim design
      • Polished plastic handle



      • OPEN CANOPY WIDTH SPAN = 66cm (0.66 metre)
      • TOTAL UMBRELLA HEIGHT = 68cm (0.68 metre)



      • 315grams (0.315kg)


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