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CUSTOM BRANDED - STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ - Heavy Duty Storm Umbrella With Double Layer Wind Vent System, Wind Proof Fibreglass Frame - Auto-Open Push Button Feature

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Weather any storm with the STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ Heavy Duty Storm Umbrella.

Designed especially to handle storms with high winds, the STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ features a double layer wind/vent system built directly into the canopy which allows the wind to pass straight through the umbrella for instant wind gust release, ensuring the frame does not get damaged during storms.

This feature packed umbrella is made from superior 190T pongee fabric, and is built with extra thick and sturdy fibreglass ribs. It also includes a heavy duty fibrgelass shaft for added strength, and 2 double tie velcro tabs to keep the umbrella securely closed when not in use.

The inside of the umbrella, the umbrella shaft and ribs are colour coordinated to either match or contrast the canopy colour, these unique colour options really bring the STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ umbrella to life.

Other features include an auto-open push button, our comfortable and contoured easy-grip handle and a non-slip rubber tip, which when combined with the fibreglass frame, ensures you wont be acting as a lighting conductor if your caught out during a heavy storm.

Presented in a matching colour co-ordinated sleeve.




  • Navy/Navy Trim
  • Royal Blue/Royal Blue Trim
  • Black/Royal Blue Trim
  • Black/Red Trim
  • Black/Black Trim



    • Heavy duty umbrella designed specifically for storms with high winds
    • Feature packed umbrella, built to last with heavy duty components
    • STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ 8-panel 190T superior quality pongee canopy with double layer wind/vent system
    • Colour coordinated STORMPROOF CYCLONE®️ Heavy Duty Wind Rated 8-rib fibreglass frame
    • Auto-open push button feature
    • Colour coordinated fibreglass shaft
    • Comfortable easy-grip(tm) handle
    • Non-slip rubber tip
    • Matching colour co-ordinated sleeve



  • OPEN CANOPY WIDTH SPAN = 130cm (1.30 metres)
  • TOTAL UMBRELLA HEIGHT = 98cm (0.98 metres)




  • 740grams (0.74kg)



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